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In a business where experience counts, we have it.
In a trade that needs reliability, you can depend on us.

In an industry where costs and quality matter, we will deliver

Vivier Lorry Conversions are a cost effective and well tested means of transporting live shellfish from harbour to market.
When the value of your cargo is over 350,000 (€ 550000), can you afford to take the risk ? 
We have been engineering and converting these lorries for over 20 years.

Companies like Copine Shellfish and Sutherland Game & Shellfish trust us; so can you. 

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Systems control and switching gear

Control systems and Switching Gear. 

Alternative power connections, switching gear and warning systems are easily accessible and clearly laid out for ease of use and inspection. Line feeds are clearly laid out and labelled to allow quick and seamless connection and disconnection of trailer/tractor facilities

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Cradled Switching Gear

The high capacity pump and switch gear is easily accessible for routine maintenance and inspection. Cleaning and pre-loading checks are made easier with open plan piping layout and low maintenance vented casing covers and stainless/ galvanised housing. Pump capacity and electrical switching customise to meet your cargo requirements.

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Vivier Lorry Generator
Tank Options

Stackable Tanks

Offer trailer flexiability and allow for return journey role change.


Integrated Tanks

More robust option for more delicate cargo.

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Last modified: 20 July, 2015